Piccola Roma – Italian Pizzeria in Vagator

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Ever had this feeling where you know you’re as free as a bird, but there’s this odd clawing sensation in the back of your head that tells you that this is only the beginning of a whole lot more to come?


Ugh, life why?

But then, someone says the magic word, combined with one of a college student’s favourite words:


worth living

So lately, since we’d have long days in college, a bunch of us would just head out and grab some Thali, until we discovered this beaut of a place.

Piccola Roma is a chill place offering:

  • Brilliant food for a great price.
  • Desserts on point. (We nearly fought each other for the last plate of Panna cotta.)
  • Lots of seating, along with a small A/C section. (Though for some reason, this is nearly always closed so, go in the evenings, not the afternoon, especially during our blazing Indian summers.)
  • Average service. You might have to call for attention a few times. In that heat though, who could blame them?
  • A cute gigantic fluffy little monster that they try to pass off as a dog. He’s adorable though, and mainly sleeps. He does quite love head pats. And belly rubs.


Oh and, real casual – THEY MAKE THEIR OWN CHEESE.


La Plage – French Joint in Ashwem

Food, Goa, Travel

Fromage et le vin!“exclaims Valentine, our host for today, when we ask what she would consider a 100% French starter. Surrounded by the pristine sands of Ashwem beach, with the waves gently crashing, adding to the funky beats played at La Plage, one can assume the ambience is definitely one of the many reasons you require a reservation to dine here.

Though we didn’t go with the cheese and wine, like Valentine suggested (mostly because we’re students on a budget), we did go with some fries to keep us company. Weirdly, French Fries aren’t actually French.

La Plage remains closed through the off-season, but more than makes up for it from the end of November to the end of April. According to Valentine, Mumbaikars and Delhiites are some of their most loyal customers, coming in for their famed Thali au Chocolat.


The Great Khali Thali (I regret nothing.)

This time however, I’m going to try something new! Attached to this post is a little Podcast in which I talk about this gorgeous place. Give it a listen, if you’d like.

Picture Credits: momaboard.com

Music Credits: Moi je – Fais Rien

P.S. I apologize, I tend to say DEFINITELY a lot. -_-

I’m not sure if I’m going to stick to the whole podcast life, mostly because it’s too much effort. But eh, only time will tell.


I shall see you pineapples around!

Toodles ❤


Cream Choc – Organic Gelato in Anjuna!

Food, Goa

Have you ever wandered around your own city, with someone who has probably visited it about 3-4 times, only to find out they know a heck lot more about parts of it, than you do?!

Chances are, maybe not. But if you’re like me, the slightly anti-social but also, kinda social pineapple (I tend to switch between the two, depending on how many episodes of my current favourite show I have left to watch, or if DotA has stolen me away from reality again), you’d understand.


I think that’s the best though. Getting to see your own city through someone else’s eyes. I’ve often wondered how fun it would be to be a tourist cruising on one of those tourist bikes, witnessing Goa’s beauty for the first time ever. Then I see them getting pulled over by the cops, and I think maybe not, haha.

Right so, a recent discovery of quite a few organic places has taught me that healthy isn’t necessarily icky.

One of these new little discoveries is Cream Choc.

Trust me when I say, you will feel no guilt after scarfing down a scoop of their gelato. Or two.

The Butterfly Farm – Priol, Goa.

Goa, Travel

Waking up at 7am, while I’m supposed to be on break is never fun. However, this was one of those rare occasions; when I was actually the first to get up.

Because I was finally going to be a real life Disney Princess.


Haha but in all seriousness, I had wanted to discover new things to do in Goa and visiting a Butterfly Farm definitely fell under ‘new things.’

I was honestly considering enacting that one scene you see in Disney Princess movies. You know, when the Princess befriends random animals or material objects and then they all sing together?

Yeaaah, that didn’t happen.

Mostly because my singing would not only earn me a proper whack from mother dearest, but it would also ruin everything this delightfully serene Butterfly Farm emanated.

Three questions to ask yourself before you decide to visit this Butterfly Farm:

  • Are you in search of some much needed peace and quiet?
  • Do you actually appreciate bird watching/butterfly watching?
  • Do you like nature, in general?